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by Sharten

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Oblivion 04:49
Can you remember? Can you remember? Can you remember when we could see through the dark clouds, When we were too naive to realise our doubts? It feels like those times were part of someone else's life Who wants to be the opposite, Wants to be the only me? Life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes you need oblivion. What shows you the bright side? What fades this all away? When the sky opens up for us, We must try thinking, Rather than sinking in the dust. Bring me back all those days, When our shades were green And nothing was in between you and me. Bring me back! Do you remember crawling in the dark, Giving up everything that was precious for us? It feels like these times are filling out my life I want to be the opposite, Want to be the only me. And now we know, Our ways will not Merge together. The path that I've chosen, Pushed by the wind of something new. And after all We live in the same downfall. Outgrows us all, And tearing up all our ways out.
Deformation 02:52
In the midnight my pain awaken, I looked for them but their place’s forsaken, Only traces of blood drying on the floor. And it fades all her scrawls I can’t stop the playback Save me and don’t let me, don’t let me down! I’ve lost my own mind. This silence what makes me insane, Chasing me, pulling me under ‘cause this Place, what I used to call my own, Is now just ashes and sand on the ground. I’m stuck between these walls, In the home of lost delight. I'm the worst of all. I'm the rubber face clown. On the frontline, I can't go back down. My tense thews are choking me and breaking my bones. My soul's just like an empty suitcase. Without purpose, left on blank space. Without thy healing hands I couldn’t rest Without them I cannot confess, And even if I try to surpass, I cannot bypass the unavoidable war! There’s no one left to fight, to protect, There’s nowhere to run, I think I am done.
Confusion 03:36
I don’t care what the fuck you have to say, We see things in a different perspective. While I scream out my pain against the suffering, You just get away. I bounce up and down every day, every night, The self-pity constantly knocks me out. There’s no rule to keep my own design I’m over the line. I tried to change But that’s who I am today Fainted by my jealousy Compromised me to define me (Now that’s the new me) The same old paintings on the walls Are just digging out my scars I’m afraid there’s no escape (From this masquerade) The ones who are left must not be swept away You’ll prove perjured if you make me stay But we’re not aware that we’re reaching hollow space. By the void, we’ve been erased. But We’re not aware that we’re reaching hollow space But We’re not aware that we’re reaching hollow space Nooo I pull out what’s inside Nothing!
Decision 03:54
Decisions, that I face all alone, They taught me what was right from wrong, Like a card game, it counts which card I will play out, It's suffocating, turn me to a spark, And nothing can stamp out the fire! Slowly you fall asleep and you can't resist The agony of defeat. Fate is our enemy. Falling away from my disease We’re losing the chance to run to breathe It’s burning in the deepness of my heart, We’re losing the chance to fight Stop asking “Have I done it all wrong?” You’ve been hiding out too long. Complain as you want, but nothing will change. The past is gone but the future is yet to come. You can’t change the choices you’ve made. If you had the chance, would you start all over? Over again! There's no relief in sight. Deep inside I know I’m not right, And without any guide how can I hold on? In this eternal blow I’m trying even harder to Forget, and let go the failures, that I’m holding on my back!
Isolation 03:36
Only you could wield my lows and highs. Now, I'm the witness to your demise. Left to hate, in fury by myself, Guided by anxiety, ripped and bled. Where are you now? Halting again. What you don’t know That we're all so misled. Where are you now? Gasping for air. What you don’t know Is that you failed. I’ve never doubted you could bring me dark times, But I’ve never thought that you would carve my heart out. Right now We’re living in this isolation, Alone, there's no way out since you've gone. You wrenched out my soul and teared it apart, Compromised my mind to be alone. Wrecked the mind and free the vile, Meanwhile you depart. You can’t deny my righteous epoch.


released February 9, 2020


all rights reserved



Sharten Debrecen, Hungary

We formed Sharten in 2018. We are all musicians from Debrecen, Hungary, who love to write
heavy riffs and massive breakdowns, but also we leave enough place for the clean melodies
too. We have a wide taste of music, therefore a lot of influences from
genres like modern metal, metalcore, djent and progressive metal.
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